Monday, October 17, 2011

Dream Trip to JAPAN :)

There are seven places or things to do in Japan that I am dying to visit:
1. Nagoya

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pictures Of Lil Tokyo!

 The Japanese American National Museum!
The Buddhist Temple was really pretty on the outside.
This is some architecture outside of the temple.
 The inside of the Buddhist Temple there is alot of gold.
Little Tokyo's community center
A cute bridge in the garden behind the community center.
This was really pretty picture of the garden's stairs and stream.
A Japanese store calles Rafu Bussan Inc. It had alot of different Japanese important items to the Japanese culture.
 A figurine of a samurai in practicing armor.
 Two cute cows. These were at Rafu Bussan Inc.
A cute wooden doll in a show case.
These are a few Japanese style masks. Some are kind of scary...
This is the Japanese Village Plaza. It has a couple shoppes and restaurants.
Weller Court is shopping center at Little Tokyo. Just to the right of the picture, is half of the friendship knot.
This a way how Japanese restraunts display their food.
This a display of ramen.
This is ramen with pork in it.
This Katsu looks yummy!! I want to eat it!
This is fried rice.
These are pot stickers.
This a book store at Weller Court.
This the Curry House restaurant at the Weller Court shopping center.
Here is a display of curry foods from the Curry House.
These are displays of other non-curry food at the Curry House.
This store is one of my favorite Japanese stores! I love to shop here.
Here are some unique figurines in Marukai Market.
Here are some more figurines from Marukai.
My favorite chocolate to get! It tastes good!
A display of alot of tea pots.
This is a picture of a fat guy on a bowl thats sold at Marukai.
Here are some wooden shoes at Marukai.
This a stream at the Kyoto Hotel Garden.
A little waterfall was also at the garden.
To the left of the picture is a little house. The center of the picture is a pond.
This a another stream at the hotel garden.
This was a little waterfall at the back of the hotel garden.
S.K. Uyeda Store is located down the street from the Weller Court.
Ellison Onizuka had a rare opportunity to be one of the first Japanese Americans to be an astronaut. He died on the Challenger spaceship.
This is more of Japanese style display of food. There is bowls of sushi.
This a bento box with sushi and chicken.
This a huge plate of sushi, and in the back is the lucky money cat. x3
The Mitsuru Cafe located in the Japanese Village Plaza.
Jungle is a shop for die hard anime lovers. They sell all sorts of collectable items and costumes.
This is a little mochi shop; where they sell deserts and snacks.
This is some pastries that were sold in the mochi shop.
Here is some ice cream that was also in the shop
This is a box of a varity of different small snacks.
A box of Japanese goodies.
This is a little bag of Japanese crackers and other snacks.
This is my yummy lunch!! It was tempura, rice, beef, salad, sushi, and miso soup.